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Pool Extension in Bagneux/Dominique Coulon and associés


  • Architects


Dominique Coulon and associés


  • Location


1 Avenue de Stalingrad, 92220 Bagneux, France


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Dominique Coulon, Benjamin Rocchi, Architects, Arnaud Eloudyi, Sarah Brebbia, Gautier Duthoit, Architects colleagues


  • Area


3431.0 sqm


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David Romero-Uzeda, Clément Guillaume


The restoration and augmentation structure an amicable mineral body. The augmentation is in light dim cement, and the first structure, with outer protection, is looked with concrete in a similar shade. This minerality is proceeded through to the lobby floor, in Lucerne quartzite laid as creation incertum.


The size of the new structure, strengthened along these lines, shows its solid urban nearness. Its huge cantilever and forecourt give a liberal measure of open space. A play of light reviews the appearance in the water on the east veneer. The outside marking is on a similar scale as the structure, and the entrance fills in as a mammoth sun-break.


The undertaking makes a break in time, with life-changing ambiances, delicate lighting, liquid design promenades, and bends supplanting right-edges.


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The circulation zone is overwhelmed with surprising blue-tinged sea-going light, given by an even opening in the base of the youngsters’ paddling zone. The light changes with the development of the water. The space of the twofold tallness unwinding zone is enveloped by bended shapes; an appealing adjusted window outlines the perspective on the greenhouse.


The design of the current huge territory (two pools) is moderated. The slope of the structure is accentuated; the unpretentious play of slanted lines additionally includes a contemporary touch.


The paddling pool offers youngsters the sentiment of being enclosed by a case. The territory is bended, which decreases sound resonation normally. The tall inlet window floods the little round pool with daylight. The spot is intended to engage kids’ creative mind.

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