Caving Tour to Lofthellir Ice Cave

Plummet into the earth on a voyage through the magma cavern of Lofthellir and the particular universe of murkiness there, in the cold underground. The goal for this outing is a one of a kind cavern bragging some the best common ice models known to exist in Iceland.

You’ll be grabbed from your settlement for a short departure from Reykjavík Domestic Airport to Akureyri, Iceland’s second biggest town, additionally called “The capital of the North.”

Akureyri is a lovely city you might need to become acquainted with without anyone else: there are numerous exercises and chances to be found in the encompassing field, which is shockingly rich in the late spring. Different exercises, for example, horseback riding and whale viewing are accessible, or you can pick something unwinding, for example, a stroll around the lovely professional flowerbeds there.

There, you will meet your nearby guide and be headed to Lake Mývatn from where you go on to the one of a kind Hverfell well of lava, through the Ludentarborgir pit column to the foot of Mt. Hvannfell.

Before you achieve Cave Lofthellir, you go for a simple stroll crosswise over magma fields for 20 minutes, encompassed by supernatural view. You go through at any rate an hour inside this cavern to watch the astounding characteristic marvels. Before returning back to Akureyri you will make a stop at the Reykjahlio town situated by Lake My vatn.

Lofthellir Ice Cave  is well known for its congregation, which got away from the ejection of the spring of gushing lava Katla in 1729. While the remainder of the town was pulverized by the streaming magma, the cleric implored that the congregation would be spared. It was, however the congregation was later revamped in 1972. Because of its history, many sulfur springs and steaming magma fields can be seen in the region.

Magma buckling is one of the most mainstream visitor exercises in Iceland, so don’t botch your opportunity! Check accessibility by picking a date.

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