How to Sell a Blog for High Five Figures

Blogging can be an extremely rewarding vocation decision, yet numerous bloggers will in general exchange from blogging to something different sooner or later. That leaves them with an asset that they can capitalize on, however, how high would you be able to go? Six figures is a sensible number to go for a settled blogger outreach service, yet how can it work? We are here to talk about the intricate details of selling a blog at a ballpark cost of six figures.

Signs you could sell your blog

A standout amongst the most obvious signs that your blog is developing in worth is typically spontaneous ideas to sell your blog. These offers are frequently far lower than the real estimation of your blog, so be cautious when participating in an arrangement with these potential purchasers. Without a doubt, every now and then you can get a certified offer, however, that once in a while occurs.

Presently, when you are beginning to break down the estimation of your blog, the principal thing you have to take a gander at is your blog traffic. On the off chance that your blog has stable high traffic, that is originating from natural inquiry or web-based social networking channels; at that point, you are in a decent position to sell.

Having different adaptation techniques for your blog is likewise a critical factor for most site purchasers. In the event that you have discovered numerous ways to deal with adapting your blog, you will have a lot more grounded negotiating concession.

What most bloggers will in general disregard is that having a quality area name can have a great deal of effect when selling a blog. A frail space is more enthusiastically to develop and especially testing to mark. Remember this from the very begin and abstain from losing your blog’s worth.

Where do I sell my blog?

You can generally sell your blog alone by doing exploration and searching for potential purchasers. In any case, on the off chance that this isn’t something you are keen on doing, at that point you can fall back on utilizing one of the accompanying sites:


In the event that you are keen on purchasing or selling a site and getting it on its feet, Flippa is the spot to be. They have the greatest number of offers by a wide margin, yet there is no screening method. Anybody can post an idea here, and you are without anyone else with regards to deciding the cost of the site. Most vendors will furnish you with extra data, for example, the site’s traffic and pay reports.

FE International

These folks are an online commercial center for purchasing and selling on the web organizations. Their customers are typically top of the line organizations, and they spread exchanges that begin from five figures and go up. They guarantee that every deal that experiences them is genuine and they ensure a trick-free condition.

Realm Flippers

These folks give an extraordinary hands-on methodology with regards to sell (or purchase) a site that is in the six-figure value go. They offer an assessment instrument to enable you to get a ballpark cost for your site on the fly.

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