Swimming Trainers – Professional Development – How Can Webinars Help My Swim School?

Do you struggle getting all your staff together for staff training?

Does the season get away from you?

Is it difficult to put the time into staff training?

Does your staff rotation make training impossible?

What if I told you, with just a little knowledge, and a little help from technology, you could run your very own webinars for your own training purposes easily and effortlessly? And no longer have these issues.

Swim School owners, managers and coordinators all over the world are about to discover the convenient, easy and affordable way to manage their staff and team training. Lifeguard certificate However with a little ingenuity, the possibilities of webinars for a swim school are endless. Imagine growing your business, by reaching out to new clients and delivering information on your products & services from the comfort of their homes or imagine senior swim coaches delivering technical skills and more advance concepts of swimming to their squads or junior coaches via a webinar.

What is a (Swim) webinar?

Allow me to just put it simply and avoid the jargon. The term webinar is short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web. for participants who do not own computers or have access to being online, they can access the presentation by phone.

Some may argue that webinars might be very one-way, from the speaker or speakers addressing the audience with limited audience interaction, however” live webinars” now can include interesting power point presentations, interactive polls, comments and on the spot questions & answer segments. Provided listeners have registered prior to the webinar, participants or speakers can attend the webinar from anywhere in the world.

A capable web manager can encourage interaction and full participation between the audience and the presenter. Webinars can be organised at convenient, suitable times and can be recorded and replayed at other predetermined time slots.

How do I organize a webinar?

Of course, if it all seems too much, there are organisations who can do it all for you, or manage the webinars for a small fee. However you may want to do it yourself, here are some simple steps.

1. Decide on a specific outcome or intention for your webinar and who your targeted audiences are. Then if you are going to deliver it yourself, develop a power point presentation with additional delivery notes. (You cannot successfully use video on your presentation but graphics are fine.)

2. Purchase a quality headset with microphone attached or check your laptop has adequate microphone and software capabilities..

3. Join up or trail a webinar provider. There are many on the market. I would advise you become completely familiar via their training media at least a few weeks before your first webinar and select a webinar host that has a good support arm. Then, as with any thing new, practice, practice, practice a few webinars before starting.

4. Register and enter all your webinar email details with your provider.

5. Then, with their assistance you can email to your targeted audience, the required information, your presentation’s topic, pass on the day, date and time of your presentation. Ensure all your potential audience understands that they will be required to register prior to the webinar. You can also organize the provider to send out reminder emails.

6. Then it is as simple as that. Go online at your chosen day and deliver your power point live presentation (webinar) to your listeners. I always suggest people record their presentation as it can become a value resource for your swim school and anyone who misses the presentation, can listen to it, at their convenience or organise another predetermined date for a encore presentation.

We ran several successful webinars, for our dedicated staff from indoctrination training, best practices, customer services and even marketing tips & procedures. Perhaps your need, maybe for another completely different market.

If you know someone who could use this knowledge, please with my blessing pass it on. Who knows, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have more “masterful swim schools” utilizing technology over the next few years for professional development.

Discover the secrets of becoming a master swim instructor, Lifeguard certificate teacher or trainer with Next Generation Aquatic’s, founder Kerre Burley.

Kerre Burley has been at the forefront of innovation in the swimming industry for the last 40 years. She currently runs innovative and industry focussed webinars, hosts the first NLP based, online membership for educators and through innovation and technology connects with other aquatic experts throughout the world.

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